Game Theory: Among Us Lore, You Will ALWAYS Lose!

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    Among Us has been ruling the internet for a while now. That probably means you think you know the game pretty well by now, huh? You can SUS out the Impostors from the crewmates with your 900 IQ strategies. Except, no matter what you do, in the end we are ALL going to lose to the Impostors. That's right, I figured out the LORE of the Among Us universe. Loyal Theorists, this game is DARK. We are all doomed and the proof is in the game itself.
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    Writers: Matthew Patrick and Justin Kuiper
    Editors: Tyler Mascola, Dan "Cybert" Seibert, and Pedro Freitas
    Assistant Editor: AlyssaBeCrazy
    Sound Editor: Yosi Berman

    Published on Month ago


    1. Slogo Fan

      Well this is probably my favourite theory

      1. Oguras Kiszony


      2. cringlord


      3. Jasper The Clown


      4. kaelan is a poor kid


      5. NotQuiteKool


    2. ShockTherapy86

      Don dew is a reference to Henry stickman too

    3. metalgearkaden


    4. Juan Arellano

      Me: *playing completing the mission on pbt+gi and i see the stream part and look at my laptop* i say hey i am at that spot what a coincidence.

    5. Neo Politan

      Why does Red sound familiar?

    6. Chocolate Chip

      You're missing something. It would make more sense to be spreading the parasite than to be killing off potential hosts. It seems illogical for the infected member to be murdering people that could become hosts to the parasite instead of spreading it, so i cant believe that the objective for the impostor is to spread the parasite.

    7. Sudais Khairy

      This is my favorite theory

    8. Nicole Wright

      make a 4

    9. Angelina Gonzalez

      Bruh,stop milking this

    10. Kaitlyn_Playzz

      Wait wait The snow-men. your remember the movie "the thing" Ya remember where they were trapped. Antarctica And. Think about it. Antarctica is just a Snow biome with ice as water. And the Charecters were made of... ya guessed it Snow. This means That The thing and Among us Is...Like.. Its like if The thing had it's own game about itself You should go explore this.

    11. Luis Enriquez

      “The average male height of a human being is 5 foot 6 inches tall” Cr1tikal: “that’s right baby”

    12. Brendan Oakes

      I can never play Among Us ever again

    13. My_youtube Legend

      If the Impostor can only die by being burnt or exploded does That mean Sabotaging The Reactor Is Gotta Be the Good Ending because All of the Crewmates Died And the impostor Exploded And The Virus is no longer spreading

    14. Kono Suba

      is this a jojos refrence??? 3:00

    15. A Cup Of Water

      How many people thought in their minds about “watch out Matpat!” And got a big plot twist of Matpat being the imposter literally killing blue and saying the new dlc map would be a bloodbath

    16. armin eghbali

      4:25 Is taht your model or is it a model from a game in Roblox?Because that character looks like a character from Amongst us Roblox.

    17. Eewen Number

      3:05 uh Marist I don't think that's air...

    18. Magical Cakes

      Every meeting in among us is basically a rushed court case

    19. Blake Gayton

      Line brop

    20. Whyyx

      I’m only five minutes into the video, but whenever people use the ‘Evidence imposters are aliens is that humans can’t fit into vents but they can’ (I know impostors are aliens) but the crew mates are the same size as the imposter and the imposter doesn’t change sizes when they go into the vent. I know you said that the crew mates are small, but wouldn’t they be able to fit into the vent too then- idk, I agree on your theory so far but I just get caught noises about that lmao Tbh I know the impostors are aliens I’m just confused how this saying started-

    21. Xoom

      You should so do a Henry stickmen theory

    22. communist bugs bunny

      maybe the crewmates are children

    23. Everett George

      The Thing Among us

    24. EXE Slimy Requim

      The anatomy of the one bone crewmate finnaly make sense with the henry universe

    25. Crystal Latte

      This just changed my whole perspective about among us....

    26. Terraria Fuzius

      "size really does matter"

    27. LighterRaptor7

      The thing lmao

    28. Cosmic Wonderhoof

      Henry stockman pretty plz line dropped bruv.

    29. Franchesca Brecio

      the reason there small because they made kid go to sspace

    30. CrispyPotatoChips

      I rly feel like the crewmates are their own species. Because they also trick or treat in the “suits” and they don’t have arms.

    31. DuckNorris

      If crew mates are 3 inches, imagine the size of the ship and the mini crewmates

    32. Tcechnoblade neva dies woo

      Favorite scene 13:00

    33. Cydney Faith

      this games so determined i dont think its gonna die until ellen plays it on her show.

    34. Nellie the good wildcraft dog

      He is giving away the secret of doggos being aliens-

    35. Jackson Newman

      Henry stickmin

    36. Joseph Govocek

      Nah Mira didn’t send short people they kidnapped Arabian children and are forcing them to work in a space program

    37. Mysiph

      Fake there is no lore also it’s called poh lis not pall us

    38. Ross Hoover

      if matpat is milking something its FNAF

    39. Jack Wagner

      nm do henry stickman theory

    40. Jack Wagner

      do harry potter theory

    41. SHI

      My name is Shi. I’ve been born today! And so was my brother. I got to meet my brother today. Though I miss my mother. I’m so excited to meet everyone. My brother doesn’t feel the same tho. Today I was born. And I’m so excited to meet everyone.

    42. lilith knight

      The game reminds me so much of the movie ‘the thing’ Thanks for being one of the few people I’ve seen make this connection

    43. Sno Fallz

      So apparently comments blow up over literally nothing, wow lol so random haha who does that h

    44. Slopsicle

      Don Dew is ALSO a reference to HSM when you get the mlg joke when killing elly with a sniper and don dew apears in one of the corners

    45. Gay As heck

      “The average male height of a human being is 5 foot 6 inches tall" Me a 5'6.5" female12 year old: are sure about that?

    46. Arthur Nelson

      Not true

    47. Hexliy

      I dropped the line

    48. Faith Stillman

      As soon as I started playing Among Us I thought this. The Thing is one of my favorite movies. A classic.

    49. AD Queen

      I really want Among Us movie. Anyone else?

    50. Julia Anderson

      or maybe instead of the astronauts just being short people they are toddlers. 😂 toddlers getting killed in a spaceship

    51. Indigo Steel

      AH, but there's more! Many of the tasks reveal that the crew are aware of the parasite and are trying to learn all they can about it before transmitting that data to their superiors; for example the Medbay tasks are pretty much meant to weed out humans from aliens. Also, the data transmission tasks are most likely to warn people about what's happened. So not necessarily the end...

    52. Bon Bon

      Before watching the video, let me say my custom lore and compare It to Game Theory’s lore : A team of scientist / technician would have been sent to refuel a spacecraft. But, extraterrestrials would have wanted to prevent them. And they would have pretended to be one of them.

    53. Sudais Khairy

      I want a henry stickman theory

    54. diamondzilla 2011

      That was dark O_o

    55. Erik Jacoby

      this is a stretch ;-;

    56. Adilene Arts

      Yea I would like to see a henery stick man theory

    57. Scizzorex Thirteen

      But what about the imposters who use guns, knives and the snap neck technique?? Like what is their role in the lore?

    58. Marc & Peter

      Those Sure Do Look Like Tasty Jelly Beans

    59. Musa-Muhammad Hyles

      Dat ending though

    60. super kid

      But the crewmate has just one bone...

    61. Godly Gaming

      This true you always lose

    62. Kandy Ninja

      Bruh stop milking this

    63. Smb1

      Henry stick plz

    64. Charlie Kirkman

      the problem is that why would the parasite sabotage? if it succeeds, then it will lose its trasportation to earth and other planets.

    65. Alex Duy Nguyen

      i like henry stickmin... DONE

    66. SkullGamer36

      Let’s be honest we don’t care we just want to play the game

    67. Noor

      Blue vented

    68. Ssshplosion

      Henry stickmin theary plz

    69. elise maendel

      They weigh about as much as I do😁

    70. Th30m3ga

      11:52 OKAY WHO KILLED ME -cyans ghost

    71. King boo

      hum they are not humans they have only one bone...

    72. Just a Random Espeon ·

      Matpat: **talks about different story elements via theories** Innersloth, who just wanted to make a game about beans in space: **confused screaming**

    73. איה מסיקה

      12:11 i fell from my chait xD

    74. Dutch van Der Linde

      __________________ Line Dropped

    75. Mihaela Lare

      So we never win?!?!?!🤔🤔🤔🤔

    76. Zoltan Adam-Muller

      at 2:45, you can see a really funny Easter egg: the cat mask get X eyes as you get STABBED by the impostor, which is really funny 😂😂😂😂

    77. E E

      so Lenard from big bang theory was average size

    78. You forgot about the ending where all the impostors are ejected, the whole world is saved and the aliens are gone. I think there is actually a happy ending to this.

      1. bonnie of mischief

        that end to a game probably doesn't wipe out all of the impostors alien race only 1 to 3

    79. Rumania’s Castle

      If anyone sees this do you ever feel like This has emptyed your brain about among us?

    80. peasant in a bottle

      Month late but a Henry stickman theory would be amazing. Also this is an incredibly simple but well done theory great job!

    81. AM PM

      c cc ccc

    82. Turtle Lover Ty

      do it

    83. Daniel Parra Gonzalez

      One theory i like is that you and your friends go on a mission for mirahq to a planet named polus to gather resources. But then an alien goes on board and you kick em out. Unfortunately, polus is full of aliens, wihich you throw in lava. once your done gathering resources, you go back to mirahq, unknowingly bringing an alien with you. So you still doom the world, just in a different order.

    84. Vinegar Doppio

      How would it get back on the ship if it was kicked out?

      1. Vinegar Doppio

        @bonnie of mischief I guess

      2. bonnie of mischief

        the 1 to 3 aliens that get kicked into the lava or into space are probably not the only ones of their species

    85. Daniel Parra Gonzalez

      So basically their universe has stickman AND smol humans? Wow.

    86. jason elali

      so are we not going to talk about the very end of the video. he just reviled a new dlc map coming out.

    87. hola:p :3

      He was the imposter

    88. Temmie Likes Minecraft, Roblox and Among Us

      "92lbs is awfully light" Me, who is 84lbs: hehehehehe.... heh............

    89. margareth michelina

      You should've made the theory about the mysterious crewmate in Polus in the bathroom below the lab

    90. Josue Animations

      This can also explain why they are called imposters there disguised to look like cremates

    91. Sope Barr *

      Finally! Someone compares this movie to *The Thing!*

    92. BEE FUNGUS

      I would LOVEEEE for you to make a Henry stickman game theory

    93. Sam McMc

      The next map should be the airship from Henry stickman

    94. Erin McKeown

      Interesting, though the assumption that they’re human is kind of odd, seeing as these jelly beans don’t have any arms and a femur bone for a spine...

    95. Dis Dude

      When the helicopter pilot come south of the heli, his mask looks like a more realistic version of Henry's disguise mask

    96. Kirsty Hesp

      your theory is kinda sus...

    97. ChicogiGaming

      Well, the thing is. If the Imposter(s) win(s) through the reactor sabotage, everything would be destroyed, including the Imposter(s), so if the Imposter(s) win(s) through the reactor sabotage, it’s a stalemate, because all the Crewmates die, but the Imposter(s) dies as well

    98. Kirsty Hesp

      matpat: crewmates biology is similar to human biology. crewmate: i hav one bone and a dum stikker on my face

    99. IsmailBrkic

      my dad explaind me why im a failuer faster then u explaind this theory...ffs mate pate

    100. The CRAMER

      @matpat umm...this wasnt a film theory